IMG_3372Photography makes me smile. I cannot spend enough time behind the lens. I love documenting little moments of life while it is being lived. While posing can be fun I like to spend time with people in their day today lives. From photos of your kids, family, pets, weddings to just a day in the life I like to spend my time with my clients like its an ordinary day. I want to help create lasting memories through photography you can look back on and remember that exact moment and experience. I also love taking photos of people in their element, at work, in fashion and all around their lives. I like to experiment with light and color and have tons of fun doing it.


So who am i really though? I am someone with many passions and I wear many hats. I hail from Grand Haven, MI and have returned to my roots to discover myself! I love my home state Michigan and my family.  I have my educational background in Horticulture/Agriculture and Theatre/Dance. I live on a farm and am farming 2 acres this summer with Kale and flowers as the main crops. I run a fashion blog and a etsy shop for vintage clothing. I love making clothes and helping people alter their already loved pieces. I love dance and yoga and anything in the water. I have two dogs, Lily and Rue and three cats, Troy, Hedwig and Orchid (kind of my moms cat) who I LOVE TO PIECES.   I love being  in nature and the inspiration it provides, I like bird watching and pretending to go mushroom hunting.  I am an avid reader (and hooked on my local library). I somehow find time to do theatre and love singing. I am a dreamer, a fierce lover, a goofball, a compassionate consumer, loud talker and faithful friend.  Traveling is my greatest passion and is how I got started taking photos. I have always had a passion of taking photos but it was really the fashion blog and all the selfies that got me hooked on photography. Now I strive to take photos that not only I will love and appreciate but others will too. Although I live in Michigan, I will travel anywhere for the fun of it and to take pictures of you enjoying you wherever you are.


Photo by Abbey Moore // abbeymoore.net


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